The big google PR mistake?

There is a problem quietly brewing on the back burner of the Google machinery.

In the world of Business, both electronic and in the real world, people are the core of your business.

When you become too big for your own Britches as the old saying goes you end up in the wood shed.

Allegedly Google is making some huge Public relations mistakes in how they have chosen to deal with publishers.  X OUT G for more information, when you treat your customers like dirt, you get dirty.

Consider the new privacy policy that might be used against you if you choose to use an android phone, I bet the iphone users are really happy now that they have a more secure phone, (allegedly)


When billionaire businesses steam roll over the little guys you know the ones that actually support your company when you do stupid things, well those are the people that are your real consumers, not the advertisers, because without people you dont have advertisers.

Google has made a huge mistake and if they do not wake up, the stock price is going to keep going south…