Keyword Articles Dead?

Is article marketing dead?

The answer is no but it has certainly changed a lot…

You could create article after article, as often you will find many that are quick to offer up advice about how many articles you could create and generate, in a given day, however, if an article is not of much value to the reader, how many readers do you think will bother to come to your website, once they first visit your site?

Developing content is not just about using keywords it is about, a process that can create an amazing opportunity.

Creating keyword rich articles is a process that just about anyone can learn how to do.

A great way to draw search engine traffic to your site is to write and add keyword articles. Keyword articles are articles that you write on a particular topic and then optimize for a word or phrase that visitors frequently search for.

For example, if you have a site that sells baby gifts, you may want to write an article about choosing the perfect baby shower gift. You may optimize that article for the keyword “baby shower gift”. Here is an overview on how you can write keyword articles.

Pick a Specific Keyword Phrase

Do some research on what keywords visitors are typing into search engines to find information on what you have to offer. Use tools like WordTracker or the Overture Keyword Selector Tool. Don’t go for the highly competitive keywords and phrases, instead pick a phrase that is searched for less often but that may be of particular interest to your customers. The more targeted your phrase the better luck you will have attracting people who are very interested in what you’re talking about.

Use Your Keyword in the Title of Your Article

Once you have decided on a keyword, use it in your title. Make sure your title is interesting and makes sense. Don’t try to work your keyword in multiple times. Your title will sound odd. An example of a bad title would be “New Baby Gifts and Affordable Baby Gifts for a Baby Shower”.

Don’t over do it, keep it simple, content should be human readable not generated for the search engines.

Obviously you are going to use your keyword a few times in your article. Just don’t force them in. This is also referred to as overstuffing with keywords. Your main focus should be on writing an article that flows well and provides useful information to your reader. After all it won’t do you any good to get visitors to the page with the article, if you can’t get them to read it.

Don’t Submit Your Keyword Optimized Article to the Article Directories

Submitting articles to the article directories is a great way to gain more traffic and incoming links. You want to avoid creating extra competition for the keyword phrase you picked for your article, so before you submit it, take some time to come up with a different title that doesn’t include your keyword, and maybe even rewrite some sentences within your article to do the same.

Start writing a few articles for different keywords and add them to your site. Within a few weeks you will notice free traffic from the search engine coming in. Make it a habit to come up with a few of these articles each month to continually drive more visitors and potential customers to your site.

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