adword research

Can you depend upon the results you get

from using online keyword tools?

Developing a strategy that works.

Google Adsense, what can you learn from doing research.

You develop marketing strategies based on marketing trends right?

You do research and you follow up on that research right?

I mean you do research and you keep up with how keywords change on a daily basis?

Do you work with google adwords to obtain at least part of your keyword research method?

If you do you are not alone, in fact it may be that with recent attempts to limit the number of successful queries, made by any one IP address that google may be in fact reducing the number of keyword related activities for all users.

In fact Bing is now openly and (allegedly) prompting for the use of a proxy in its search box, which tells the savvy keyword marketer that many keyword tools that used to work are not going to be working much longer.


Developing a research strategy that works.

So, how can a marketer find the best keywords, when every source for keywords is either too expensive or literally contains misleading information.

It may be harder than ever to compile a working list of keywords however it is not impossible and if you put some work behind your fingers, you can develop a good solid keyword list that is of use to you.

The thing is you really must know what data is good and what data is not so good that may be a little harder than most marketers are prepared to engage in.

How much work is a client willing to do in order to obtain a level of success that is more than just average and when is that level of
work too much?


The interface how might it work for the consumer of this data?

A lot might depend on how much revenue the client is able to produce, which goes to production and likely product quality, if for example someone is selling something that is not likely to sell very well it may not matter how good the keyword research is they are not going to experience the kind of growth they want to see.

If however, the very research is used to predict, the level of potential revenue, then perhaps you might have a better and more positive result.

The end result may be that you have to do more work, by hand, but that might not be so bad as long as your investment returns a good amount of revenue, that seems to be one of the better methods of doing keyword research.

How a user views data could well serve a good method of how to make that data work better for the consumer, in this case small business.

word tracker,

Expensive services like Word Tracker, are they really worth the money or can you get

Much better service from any number of other providers?

The idea that you can get more data and better service is something that you have to consider, not every one can use the services of a particular company.

With all the different tolls available today, you have to wonder just how effective using different tools can be.

wordtracker is a service that has been around for a long time and from the very early days they provided some

really good data, however over time the service has allegedly become very expensive for average users.

This company provides its users with a variety of quality services including.

  • Long Tail Keyword Factoring.
  • Competitor data get the real edge.
  • Better related keywords
  • Live support
  • Management tools that really help you.

Research is just the tip of the ice burg, building up your business is definitely something that every marketer should do.

Developing keywords that will help your website grow in the right way using the right keywords that will support your website.

Keyword research is perhaps the most important thing you can do for your website.